When community members and organizations join their resources and dream together, we can improve economic stability, increase opportunity, and develop healthier lifestyles.

New industries continue to relocate to the growing rural community of Bastrop County. This creates a need to identify and create relevant career pathways to provide all working-age individuals in Bastrop County. When the community works together to create access to careers, both individuals and their families across the county benefit.  BCACH and its local business partners create opportunities to learn new skills and increase their confidence.

The powerful collaboration among BCACH partners removes barriers for Bastrop County residents to earn a living wage and thrive. Not only are individuals and their families impacted, but our local businesses see benefit from having access to qualified individuals who live locally.

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Become a Partner

The BCACH governance team and partners identify, develop, and implement new systems that can be utilized to connect residents with vital resources. BCACH partners provide access to job training, affordable health insurance, and financial literacy coaching. By improving economic stability, we can enhance the overall health of our community.
What is An ACH?
Texas Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (TACHI)

If you would like to become a partner, please email [email protected]


Thank you to Episcopal Health Foundation and St. David’s Foundation for supporting the BCACH Initiative!

Community Health Workers/
Community Ambassadors

CHWs  support the BCACH Initiative with the goal of connecting people to resources and transforming systems to improve community health and achieve greater equity on a sustainable basis rather than “one-time” interventions.

Current Partners


1. Hiring of Community Health Workers to work in marginalized and historically excluded populations. 
2. Informing community residents regarding opportunities to increase access to healthcare, higher wages, and workforce resources. 
3. Development of a Community-Friendly Data Dashboard prototype focused on Economic  Stability Indicators (With links on demographics, economics, and health measures).
4. Mapping of census tracts using GIS to identify Indicators of economic stability in Bastrop County. 
5. An Environmental Scan conducted of Bastrop County by university intern students associated with quantitative/qualitative data on community voices, industry workforce, and the social determinants of health as well as identification of barriers.