Hopewell Rosenwald Anniversary

Of the original 4,978 Rosenwald Schools built by Booker T. Washington and Julius Rosenwald across the country, 464 were in Texas and several were in Bastrop County including the Hopewell School which opened in 1922. This school and the story of the family Hopewell Rosenwald School -Cedar Creek, Texas that both founded and preserved it are portrayed in Feiler’s book. To tell the Rosenwald schools’ story visually, Filer drove more than 25,000 miles, photographed 105 schools, and interviewed dozens of former students, teachers, preservationists, and community leaders in all 15 of the program states. At his talk, he will show photographs and tell stories from this epic journey into this hidden history. For more information: HopewellRosenwaldCC.org
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