Be a Brain Builder!

The early years lay the foundation for all the learning and development that follows.

We can all help children build healthy brains. Play peekaboo with a child. Support policies and programs that intentionally address racial disparities and help all Bastrop County kids get off to a strong start. 
Pledge to be a brain builder!

I pledge to support community action so that every family with young children in Bastrop County has access to: 
resources to support learning at home
quality childcare 
health care and 
a social support network

I accept my role, big or small, in ensuring all children are safe, healthy, and ready for school. I pledge to learn more about the crucial years of 0-5 years old. I will spread the word that the key to building a thriving Bastrop County starts with building the brains of our youngest children. 

Today’s children determine tomorrow’s future. When we ensure that all children in Bastrop County get off to a strong start, we ensure that Bastrop County will thrive in the future. The architecture of the developing brain is established in the earliest stages of life. Early interactive experiences – like peekaboo, reading books, and singing – lay a solid foundation. When children miss out on quality early learning experiences, we all miss out on the benefits of children who are ready to learn and achieve.
Everyone can help build healthy brains in small ways, like turning “wait time” in line to “talk time” that engages young children. On a deeper level, we all have a role in supporting policies and programs that help Bastrop County kids get off to a healthy start.

Our community must ensure that:
All people who care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers foster early brain development
Every family with young children has access to:
-high-quality early learning opportunities
-access to the health care
-a social support network
The resources we devote to early childhood make a long-term difference because the early years lay the foundation for all the learning and development that follows. By investing early, we can build a thriving Bastrop County.