Be a Brain Builder!

The early years lay the foundation for all the learning and development that follows.

If you’re a parent:
Take our Brain Builders Pledge to show your commitment to building healthy brains for your kids. Kids learn a lot before they even get to school, and the small things you do when your kids are little, help them so much later on. Even if you only have 2 minutes, talk with your child -it builds their brain! Get parenting tools and techniques appropriate to your child’s age by signing up for Ready4K, a research-based family curriculum delivered via text message. Text BCC to 70138 to begin receiving parenting tips and local resources in English or Spanish.

If you’re a service provider:
Join the Early Childhood Coalition. Collaborate, innovate, and empower the family voice. Aim for access, equity and quality. Together we can make a meaningful, systemic, and sustainable impact on our children, our families, and the community we serve.

If you’re a business leader:
High-quality early learning can transform the economic trajectory of our region. Investing in early education is an investment in the workforce of today AND the workforce of tomorrow. Take our Brain Builders Pledge to invest in early learning, influence public policy, create family-friendly workplaces, and advance innovation.

If you are a philanthropist:
Consider opportunities to seed innovation; build capacity to research, pilot and scale programs; improve systems to enhance coordination; and connect our Coalition to resources to make this happen. With your help we can make sure more children are safe, healthy, and school ready. 

I accept my role, big or small, in ensuring all children are safe, healthy, and ready for school. I pledge to learn more about the crucial years of 0-5 years old. I will spread the word that the key to building a thriving Bastrop County starts with building the brains of our youngest children. 

Everyone Can Play a Part in Building Healthy Brains