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features and value, like Star GPS (universal), Star Chart and My Position. These features are an integral part of a GPS. While the market is expanding, very few navigation companies offer these features, if at all, as standard equipment. Although these features are covered by the scope of claim 1 of the '743 patent, there is no requirement for a GPS to have these features. 7 The first two disclaimers are irrelevant to the controversy before us. They only concern tangential facts not pertinent to the Board's decision on the merits. 8 A third disclaimer is contained in the last sentence of the '743 patent: "The TLE data is also occasionally received from outside sources. The importance of these TLE's, or time of arrival of an ephemeris (data) signal from a satellite, to the operation of the GPS system is not affected by the fact that the user's terminal may have been preprogrammed with a priori TLE data." The '743 patent, col. 8, lines 53-59. In other words, the data can come from any source and is not to be considered a part of the patent because of its origin. 9 This disclaimer makes the TLE optional and does not represent a disavowal of the invention. The TLE is a critical part of a GPS. Without it, the GPS could not function. The disclaimer is in the nature of an option; it is not an explanation of the invention. 10 The fourth disclaimer is found in the statement in the specifications that "[t]he object of the invention is to provide a method of generating a highly accurate TLE signal from a preprogrammed storage means." Id. at col. 3, lines 7-9. This statement is explained in part by the note of the inventor that "[n]ot every source of a TLE is suitable for use in the invention." Id. at col. 3, lines 44-45. This note explains that the inventor did not use a GPS receiver for the purpose of creating the TLE, but that some type of reference for a TLE is necessary. In view of this explanation, it is not a disclaimer. 11 This disclaimer is, however, a disclaimer of all the embodiments of the invention. When a specification discloses a preferred embodiment, it is improper to limit the claim



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Leo Star Professional Software Free Download With Key (Latest)
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