Safe, Healthy, and School Ready

In Bastrop County, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Early Childhood Coalition (ECC) is working tirelessly to ensure that all young children are safe, healthy, and ready for school. The ECC is made up of providers, policymakers, government leaders, experts, parents, and philanthropists who are all supported by Bastrop County Cares, which provides backbone support. The ECC’s common vision is that ALL families in Bastrop County are connected to their community and provide a safe, healthy, and school-ready environment for their children.

The ECC is taking several actions to decrease the number of victims of child abuse among children ages 0-5. One of the essential strategies is to increase the number of of family childcare serving low-income children. The ECC is also developing a more robust system to connect families to support and expanding home visiting programs like Family Connects and Parents as Teachers.

The ECC is also focused on increasing the use of existing mental health services for young children in Bastrop, particularly via tele-health. The committee is establishing parent support programs that target specific vulnerable and/or under-served populations, among other essential steps.

Early interactive experiences – like peekaboo, reading books, and singing – lay a solid foundation. By supporting policies and programs that help all kids get off to a healthy start, we build a thriving Bastrop County. When children miss out on quality early learning experiences, we all miss out on the benefits of children who are ready to learn and achieve.

The work of the ECC stemmed from the Bastrop County Early Childhood Roadmap Report, which shared a directory of recommended strategies and possible initial action steps. The ECC has sub-committees that work on executing the individual strategies outlined in the Roadmap. The sub-committees focus on Early Childhood Education, Childcare Champions, Health, Family Wellness, and Communications.

The ECC and its sub-committees meet regularly to bring updates to the group, provide resources, and action steps to move the strategies forward. Resources are available for businesses, parents, and childcare professionals who want to get involved in supporting the ECC’s work.

The ECC is committed to ensuring all young children are safe, healthy, and ready for school. By working together, we can build a thriving Bastrop County where all families are connected to their community and providing a safe, healthy, and school-ready environment for their children.


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