About Us

Bastrop County Cares, a nonprofit organization, is a county-wide partnership working to develop comprehensive community initiatives by identifying community priorities, collecting and analyzing data, and bringing together collaborative partnerships that will result in community solutions.  We identify large community issues that one organization cannot tackle on its own and build public will, advance policy, and mobilize and leverage funding.


We want to ensure that all individuals in Bastrop County can share in the social fabric of our community, access great educational programs, be economically stable, and to live healthy full lives in our wonderful Bastrop County community.

Our Mission

Bastrop County Cares, a 501 C (3) entity, is a county-wide partnership of public, private,
faith-based and nonprofit organizations, institutions, and individuals which collaboratively identifies and strengthens the social, health, education, and economic opportunities in Bastrop County.

Our Vision

To improve the lives of people in the Bastrop County community.

Core Values


We share a common compassion for our neighbors.


We rely on research and data to inform our work.


We believe in the power of working together to accomplish a greater good.


We expect outcomes that will improve the lives of people in the Bastrop community.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is comprised of community leaders who have an interest in Bastrop County and the ability to leverage resources, connections, and power to support the work of Bastrop County Cares.
They serve as an advisory group for the Bastrop County Cares Board.

Our Board of Directors

Catherine Pressler


Randi Fishbeck

Joni Foster

Mark Rose

Olivia Brown

April Daniels

Sherry Armstrong


Willie De La Rosa

LeeAnne Pacatte

Jill Strube

Ken Kesselus

Nancy Scott

Priscilla Ruiz

Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape


Adena Lewis

Alonzo Reyes

Andrea Richardson

April Daniels

Barbara Marchbanks

Barbara Schafer

Becki Womble

Bernie Jackson

Betty Voights

Bettye Lofton

Brenda Page

Brenda Frizzell

Chuck Kellogg

Clara Beckett

Colton Stabeno

Connie Schroeder

Dave Marsh

David Gahagan

Deborah Jones

Dr. Desmar Walkes

Frances Williams

Gwen Johnson

Janice Bruno

Jill Strube

Jodi Duron

Johnny Sanders

Jose Gonzales

Kristi Lee

Laura Krcmar

Lynda Humble

Lynn Frerich

Maureen Stanek

Chris Cannon

Michal Hubbard

Mike Goebel

Molly McClure

Rachel Bauer

Rachel Clampfer

Reid Sharp

Rhonda Mundhenk

Rick Arnic

Robert Tamble

Roberto Santoy

Ron Jones

Sumai Lokumbe

Susan Farris

Tom Scott

Willie Pina

Willie Schickeisen

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