Bastrop County Accountable Communities for Health (BCACH) is to engage county partners in addressing the social determinants (influences) of health. These influences may be behavioral, social, economic, and environmental in nature and which play a key role in health inequities in Bastrop County. This mission embodies and promotes the values of equity, inclusion, respect, trust, courage and kindness which together provide the guideposts for improving the health and well-being of Bastrop County residents.

Sometimes the community doesn’t know how to organize and address the changes they want to see in the communities where they live, work, play, pray, and learn. Network Weavers trains people to organize together to make the changes they want to see in their community because we are stronger when we make change together.

A food system is the interconnected network of everything that happens with food — where and how it is grown, processed, distributed, sold, consumed, wasted, or recovered. Food nourishes us. We believe our food system is essential to the economic, physical, mental and social well-being of our community. To positively impact our Bastrop County residents’ health outcomes, we are focused on 6 sectors or key influence areas of our food system. Nourish hopes to help increase that percentage through the work of our initiative and the work of the residents of Bastrop County.

With a county as large as Bastrop, it can be difficult for faith communities across different denominations and geographic areas to connect about county-wide needs and resources. The Faith Collaborativecomes together to enhance the work done beyond congregation walls to engage both in their community and other underserved communities. Centers of faith have no geographic boundaries and are able to work outside their congregation walls to do things other groups that are more geographically-based cannot do, which helps foster inclusion and increase trust and respect through underserved communities.

A group of diverse community members that come together to address equity, inclusion and resilience in Bastrop County. This group brings together veterans, youth, the faith-based community, and historically-excluded populations to provide, assess, plan and implement strategies to become a healthier community that supports resilience, mental health and well-being.

where we are dedicated to promoting the vital importance of fatherhood. We invite all fathers, fatherhood figures (including single moms), and fatherhood champions to join us in our mission. Together, we can make a positive impact on our community by fostering strong father-child relationships and supporting families.

Uninsured and underinsured women are more likely to get a late diagnosis of breast cancer, but if they got their breast exam earlier, it would increase their life expectancy by as many as 20 years. The Breast Health Coalition works to ensure uninsured and underinsured women receive breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment to increase early detection and treatment. These community-wide efforts to save lives, Bastrop County women are able to get screened and get help accessing treatment as needed.

Many seniors in Bastrop County face issues known only to the senior population. OWLs want to ensure that all seniors have the ability to continue using their talents and treasures to improve the community, to decrease isolation, and to increase the ability to age in place. The OWLs coalition aims to understand our senior community’s strengths and the challenges they face in an effort to connect them and promote health and growth for all ages within Bastrop County. When we prioritize senior health and well-being, we can reduce isolation and help multiple generations re-engage with each other.

Many communities in Bastrop County don’t have a central location to come together for recreation and special events. The Mobile Recreation and Well-Being Unit will create a center where everyone has access to recreation, wellness, education opportunities and a mobile play unit to provide recreation to families in the places where they live, work, play and pray.

There are many resources in Bastrop County that are also some of our best-kept secrets, making them difficult to connect to the community. The Interagency Networking Group provides an opportunity for community members and organizations to share updates, align their work with one another, and be a welcoming platform for new resources coming into the county, making community work more powerful and engaging non-profits with other coalitions and groups within the community.

Many children in Bastrop County have everyday struggles with stress, food insecurity, and lack of access to resources. The Early Childhood Coalition facilitates our investment in children’s healthy brain development, ensuring that Bastrop County thrives in the future. When we build and strengthen the infrastructure that supports young children and their families, we ensure they can thrive and their children are healthy, safe, and school ready.