Warmth and Cheer Spread as Seniors Receive Winter Essentials in Elgin

In a heartwarming gesture of community support, seniors in Elgin were pleasantly surprised with care packages filled with essential winter items just in time for the onset of chilly weather. As temperatures dropped, Strait Gate Fellowship Baptist Church (SGFBC) partnered with Bastrop County Cares (BCC). Mrs. Alicia Elam, who is the Director of Community Leadership and Outreach for BCC and whose role is to identify community leaders who are seeking sustainable changes in areas often underserved, stated “through the community leadership and outreach, we can address community needs and provide access to resources”. Mrs. Elam has a love for the community to include supporting seniors and was excited about supporting SGFBC’s efforts to ensure the well-being of seniors. First Lady Cyphers stated “Working together brought smiles and comfort to many.”

The care packages, thoughtfully assembled by SGFBC lay members and community volunteers, contained cozy socks, gloves, caps, water bottles, flashlights, peppermints, and local emergency numbers. The community project aimed not only to provide practical essentials but also to bring a sense of warmth and cheer to seniors in the Elgin community. SGFBC collaborated with other local churches to identify seniors who might need extra support during the colder months. The care packages were then personally delivered to their doorsteps or volunteers picked up items from the church, creating moments of joy and gratitude within the Bastrop County community.

Several senior recipients of the care package, expressed their delight, saying, “I didn’t expect this, and it warms my heart”. “It’s so nice to know that our community cares about us, especially during the cold weather”. “It’s the small things we do for each other and these items will make a difference”. Debra Cypher, the wife of Pastor Don Cypher of SGFBC, along with the women in their congregation, convened in November to embark on a project that extends beyond addressing the physical needs of seniors. Their collective effort aimed to shine a spotlight on the resilience and compassion ingrained in the close-knit Bastrop County community. Several congregation members, Elsie, local churches, and community volunteers grabbed hold of the vision and were willing volunteers who believed in emphasizing the importance of coming together to support vulnerable members, particularly because winter weather can pose additional challenges for seniors. 
Debra Cyphers stated “As our community rallies together to spread warmth and kindness, this project exemplifies the spirit of caring and solidarity that defines Bastrop County. Doing for others serves as a reminder that even small gestures can have a significant impact, particularly when churches and communities unite to support their most vulnerable members during challenging times.”