When families have access to a safe place to be active and social, the community becomes stronger

Bastrop County Accountable Communities for Health (BCACH) is to engage county partners in addressing the social determinants (influencers) of health. These influences may be behavioral, social, economic, and environmental in nature and which play a key role in health inequities in Bastrop County. This mission embodies and promotes the values of equity, inclusion, respect, trust, courage, and kindness which together provide the guideposts for improving the health and well-being of Bastrop County residents.

​​The Bastrop County Accountable Communities for Health (BCACH) vision is to be the county platform for bringing leaders, stakeholders, and community residents together to share accountability for and ownership in the transformation of systems, structures, and policies aimed at improving population health and ensuring greater equity on a sustainable basis. We are about relationship building, growth of personal confidence, strengthening self-efficacy; and working on all of the barriers that keep people from being successful. We address identifying solutions to barriers such as child care, financial and health literacy, food, and housing. 

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Governing Team- Meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10:00-11:30 am
Partner meetings are every other Tuesday from 9:30-11:00 am


Thank you to Episcopal Health Foundation and St. David’s Foundation for supporting the BCACH Initiative!

Data Dashboard

Work is being done every day to make Bastrop County a better place to live work, pray, learn, and pray. BCACH created a data dashboard to share details about the demographics of Bastrop County in an effort to make informed decisions about growth.