Iniciativa de Comunidades Sanitarias Responsables de Texas

Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) initiatives in Texas are collaborative efforts that aim to improve the health and well-being of communities by addressing social determinants of health and promoting population health. These initiatives typically involve partnerships between healthcare providers, community organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders.

The overarching goal of Texas Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (TACHI) is to create a coordinated and integrated approach to health improvement that goes beyond traditional healthcare services. The model often focuses on addressing factors such as access to healthcare, socioeconomic conditions, education, housing, employment, and community engagement. The TACHI model typically utilizes a community-led approach, involving local residents in decision-making processes and tailoring interventions to meet the specific needs of the community. By working together across sectors, ACH initiatives strive to enhance health outcomes, reduce health disparities, and build healthier communities. We’re proud to say that Bastrop County Cares has an ACH initiative. (Read more about Bastrop County Accountable Communities for Health (BCACH). 

On June 7-8, representatives from the six TACHI sites met in Houston at the Sam Houston Hotel with three specific goals in mind.

  • Build rapport and relationships across the six sites and with ACH initiative advocates.
  • Foster knowledge and skills for successful ACH initiative development within the TACHI sites.
  • Increase mutual understanding and ability to form partnerships between TACHI sites and Texas managed care organizations (MCOs). 

Throughout the duration, opportunities to network were extraordinary, and hearing colleagues share updates and highlights of their work as ACH initiatives provided ample opportunity to build new relationships and foster existing ones. 

The TACHI gathering kicked off with much positive energy from leaders who were seasoned in the work of an ACH initiative. The first topic was the “Practitioners’ Dialogue” which included a panel of ACH’s Executive Directors: Megan Albertson, Henry Ford Jackson Collaboration Network, Jackson County, MI; Kim Cutcher, Local Initiative Support Corporation, Toledo, OH; Celeste Schoenthaler, Olympics Community of Health, Seattle, WA. Moderated by Kitty Bailey, San Diego Wellness Collaborative, San Diego, CA, the panel shared their experiences and expertise in building innovative ACH models that unleash the power of partnerships. 

TACHI provided updates on the 88th Legislative Session and Texas Medicaid MCO Basics, explaining how these bills impact the work we do. The following bills in Texas were passed: HB12, HB2983, HB1575, and HB113. At the conclusion of convening, we were reminded that as we continue to learn and grow, having crucial conversations, such as what could possibly go wrong, will allow us to explore strategies to create and sustain our partnerships. 

These are just a few of the highlights; BCACH is looking forward to December 2023 TACHI Convening. Thank you, Dr. Shao Chee Sim, CJ, Troy, Brianna, and the rest of the TACHI Team!