When families have access to a safe place to be active and social, the community becomes stronger

Many seniors in Bastrop County face issues known only to the senior population. OWLs want to ensure that all seniors have the ability to continue using their talents and treasures to improve the community, to decrease isolation, and to increase the ability to age in place. The OWLs coalition aims to understand our senior community’s strengths and the challenges they face in an effort to connect them and promote health and growth for all ages within Bastrop County. When we prioritize senior health and well-being, we can reduce isolation and help multiple generations re-engage with each other.

This county-wide partnership that aims to understand the strength and challenges facing our senior community. Together, we will work to promote health and growth for all ages in our county and ensure seniors are connected, purposeful, and happy. 


Join the OWLs coalition meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 1-2 pm at the Bastrop County Cares office, 806 Water Street, Bastrop. This group meets to plan and collaborate how to support seniors and prevent isolation.

Every Thursday is Check on a Senior Day. Give a senior citizen a call and show compassion for those in our community who need connection. Not only will it lift their spirits, it will put a smile on your face too! 📞

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