photo of girls participating in afro beats dance session

Empower Her: Celebrating Growth and Healing

A distinguished assembly of female leaders, including Brandon Powell, Principal of Manor HS; Debra Francis, Lead Counselor of Manor HS; Rebecca Powe, Author and CEO of BRIDGE; Loretta Edelen, Community Engagement Director of Austin Community College; Gerlicia Thompson, Prevention Specialist at Family Crisis Center (PPC); Dr. Patricia A. Alford, BCRC Patient Navigator; and Grace Georges, Director of BCC Resilience Collaborative, united with a common purpose: Providing access to approaches and support systems aimed at tackling the challenges associated with overcoming trauma of mothers and daughters.

Collaboratively, they conceived and organized the inaugural Empower Her Wellness Conference, a groundbreaking event held at Manor High School.

The conference attracted participants from rural and urban locales alike, offering a platform for transformative dialogue and personal growth. Each session was designed to foster mother-daughter relationships and enhance access to local mental health resources, forming the core of this empowering event. All student participants were awarded certificates.

Event Highlights: 

The impactful workshops provided attendees with a diverse range of empowering sessions, leaving them feeling inspired and equipped to navigate life’s challenges with resilience. Among the many dynamic speakers and facilitators all participants were able to choose from a variety of sessions:

Kristen Arias and Morgan Stewart Panelist : Ask Whatever?
Anna Bunker – National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Communication Game
Myeisha Cleveland: Building Your Business-Entrepreneurship
Bridget Cornelious: Parenting in the Digital Age
Delta Sigma Theta and Ashton Nolen-Lowe: Her Well
Loretta Edelen: Purpose- Powerful Empowerment Workshop
Dr. Shemka Gibson: Inspirational Speaker, and CEO of Changing the Mindset (Author/Huston Tillotson Professor) 
Maryam Yama Gidado: Afrobeat dance session, delving into the vibrant cultures of West Africa and grooving to rhythmic footwork
Nell Guzman: Parents Empowering Your Breast Health
Neftali Mercado: Empowerment Through Emotional Regulation & Confidence
Norma Mercado: Parent Engagement in Secondary Schools
Tracie Morgan: Your Brand is You
Hannah Reyes: Overcoming Trauma
Dr. Stephanie Rithcherson: Mental Health Matters
Cassandra Small: Healing Workshop Leader
Morgan Stewart: The Art of Letting Go
Gerlicia Thompson: Anchoring Self and the Journeys Ahead
Nashia Whittenburg – Therapy Treatment Options and The Importance of Therapy Within Communities of Color (North Carolina State University- School of SW)

Vendors: Authors, Insurance companies, licensed therapists, Healthcare, mental health and wellness providers; health clinics, inspirational speakers, colleges/universities, access to free prom items, legal women voters, integral care, nonprofits, sororities, and so much more. 

Community Support/Sponsors:
A special shout out to Genentech, St. Davids and Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, Schlotzsky’s (Bastrop), Casa Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant (Manor), Southside BBQ (Elgin), Naomi Mercado- Teen Photographer/Videographer, Dr. Barry Franklin, Private Donors, Ashton Nolean Lowe and to Southside Market (Elgin) for their amazing contribution. Your support helped make this event even more memorable!Our recent Empower Her Event in partnership with Manor ISD, organized under the Youth and Resilience Collaborative, was a resounding success! This transformative gathering focused on nurturing mother-daughter relationships and fostering professional growth.