ParentPowered Program Gains Momentum, Eyes Expansion into Elgin and Smithville

Our team of Parent Ambassadors, who work under the Family Empowerment Resource Center, attended three school events throughout March where they focused on explaining the ParentPowered texting service. Smithville Elementary’s Rafflemania, Bastrop Lost Pines Elementary’s Spring Fest, and Bastrop Bluebonnet Elementary’s Book Fair & Jamboree hosted the events.

Each event was a lively atmosphere filled with children and parents who shuffled from booth to booth. Our table featured a prize wheel that children spun to win a toy or coloring book. Ambassadors took the time to discuss ParentPowered, a texting program aimed at fostering development and growth in young minds and to help parents discuss how to become active participants in their children’s educational journey, empowered with information that could shape their child’s future. The ambassadors’ efforts underscored a commitment not only to entertainment but also to equipping families with the necessary tools and resources for nurturing their children’s development.

At the helm of each event, Hardy Overton Jr., the Lead Parent Ambassador, helped his team set up and conduct successful community engagement.
“I’m very happy with the way these events are turning out. It’s great to see parents ask about ParentPowered and to check their enrollment or add them on the spot,” he said.

Andy Esquivel, the FERC Coordinator, explained that ParentPowerd currently operates within Bastrop’s school district, but strategic plans are underway to extend its reach into Elgin and Smithville.

“Expanding into Elgin and Smithville will ensure that more families have access to the tools and support necessary for their children’s development,” he said. “The program is easy to use and it’s important to give access to a valuable resource like ParentPowered across a wider demographic.”